Hot In Law, Luke-Warm In Reality: Towards An Enabling Environment For Civil Society Organisations In Kenya

The Reality of Aid Africa Network (RoA Africa) have conducted a country study in Kenya on enabling environment status of Child Rights and Youth CSOs in particular. The study generated valuable information that could assist in re – examination on how issues of creation of enabling environment for these CSOs are addressed in the country.

Among the key findings of the study showed that there was considerable space for Child Rights and Youth CSOs to engage in policy making. This was found to be available for a broad range of policy issues and open to all CSOs across the country at local, regional and national levels. However, opportunities available for policy engagement are largely considered by these CSOs to be cosmetic and incapable of facilitating meaningful engagement that could yield substantive influence. There are also notable capacity challenges that vary between Child Rights and Youth CSOs regarding policy influencing, among others.

To delve further into the study, download it below.