There are regular flows of information through ROA Africa network. Given the lack of up – to - date research materials and the need to develop an institutional memory, there is a need to document strategic information in a systematic and timely manner. Documentation includes re – packaging information for storage and dissemination.

An information dissemination strategy has been developed to ensure strategic information is provided to partners for prompt action, and to mobilise public opinion in order to generate public pressures on issues. Dissemination conferences, meetings and workshops, publications of print and electronic materials, and publicity campaigns are utilised.

As mandated regional representative for the ROA activities in Africa, ROA Africa network continues to publish the biannual global reports with ROA Global and the ROA Africa edition. Periodical Reality checks are also produced with a view to providing a mechanism to regularly disseminate strategic information to a population that has little access to electronic communication as well raise awareness on issues and provide updates.