Sixth Meeting Of The Steering Committee

Sixth meeting of the Global Partnership Steering Committee New York, 9 July 2014

Vision of the global partnership

Framing the vision in the political context, the Chair (Juan Manuel Valle, Executive Director of AMEXCID, Mexico) stressed the important role that the Steering Committee should play in the next biennium in identifying synergies between the Partnership and the post-2015 process. Recognizing the unfulfilled commitments from previous development goals, he noted the responsibilities of Steering Committee members and Partnership’s members more broadly in ensuring effective use of resources aligned with national priorities to generate results on the ground. He underlined the importance of reaching all countries in different development stages and contexts, including the most vulnerable ones such as g7+ countries. He recognized the important role of all stakeholders, stressing that government alone could not achieve development for all. He called for concrete results on the ground to demonstrate the value of the Partnership.

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