Busan Partnership: Challenges And Opportunities For Creating An Enabling Environment For CSOs In Africa

This report seeks to give an account of the level of readiness for the provisions of the Busan Partnership for Effective Development of December 2011, at the Fourth High Level Forum, to become a reality.
The partnership provided an opportunity to review modalities of development in the last 60 years and provided an opportunity to commit to a shift towards more effective and democratic ways of working. Ultimately, the Busan Statement recognizes country ownership, donor alignment, harmonization, managing for results and mutual accountability with a significant focus on accountability (OECD 2011.

Africa is a significant receiver of donor aid, while also remaining an area where inequality and poverty exists. With the realization that Africa is not a homogenous land mass it was imperative to undertake research in the six countries documented in this report as a way to bring forth the unique national situations that exist in the different countries. This report focuses on Burundi, Cameroon, Lesotho, Tanzania and Zambia and attempts to answer the question of how ready these countries are to enable the Development Effectiveness.