Validation Workshop On The National Report On CSO Enabling Environment In DRC

With the support of the Reality of Aid Africa Network (ROAA), the Program
Capacity Building of Civil Society Organizations in and Preventions
Conflict Management in Central Africa ( PREGESCO ) organized a workshop on validation of National Report on the Environment Favorable to Civil Society Organisations. This workshop took place on Thursday, August 13, 2015, at the Hotel Africana Palace in Kinshasa /Lingwala.

The validation workshop of the national report on the environment at the Civil Society had set following objectives:
a) Raising awareness of development partners commitments (State,
PTF , Private Sector and CSOs ) on the place of civil society in global partnership
in accordance with the Paris Declaration and the New Deal in Busan ;
b) Validate the perceptions gathered from the actors of civil society in the investigation , as that gathered in the report;
c) Propose a set of specifications to address CSO development partners
for a better environment and consistent with the Paris Declaration and the Busan commitments .

To read more about the recommendations, kindly download the FRENCH version of the report.