Friday, 26 April 2019 11:28

We need as many people as possible for debt workout !!!

What's going on? 
Very happy news!! After days of searching, discussing with UN security, etc. we finally have a great location where we can do the GREAT CIVIL SOCIETY WORKOUT. Meet us outside the UN tomorrow morning, and we'll take you there. 
What is the "Great Civil Society Workout"?
It's a fun activity where we'll try to communicate with governments in a different way. The aim is to produce a video to show negotiators we really need them to develop a new global debt workout mechanism to solve debt crises. You can find an outline of the video attached here. Tomorrow, we'll be producing short video clips of a large group of civil society people (i.e. us) doing a "workout" to call for the new debt workout mechanism.
Why are we doing this?
Well, you've all heard the harsh news. A new wave of debt crises is upon us, and 40% of low-income countries now have severe debt problems. This is threatening to derail the whole development agenda, and means that instead of financing development, developing countries are using their scarce resources to pay creditors for expensive loans. 
And as you can see when you watch the Ff D Forum, governments are just sleepwalking strait into this - there is no sense of urgency, and no political momentum for action. We're doing this to try to wake governments up a bit.
What if my organization doesn't work on debt?
Debt justice is an essential part of economic justice, and a precondition for development. We all work on that, and in the FfD CSO group, we have a long and proud tradition of backing each other up. And we're always happy to hear about new initiatives, so next time, maybe we can do an activity on your favorite topic :)
When do I need to come? 
At 8.45 sharp tomorrow morning (Thursday 18 April). Please be on time. 
Where will we meet? 
We will meet outside the entrance to the UN Headquarters (1st Avenue 46st Street)
How long will it take? 
We estimate around 30 minutes - max 45.
What do I need to bring? 
Your UN access badge - that's all. You can also bring your bag and usual things, but at the very minimum, please don't forget your badge.
What do I need to wear? 
Come as you are!!! Suit or just ordinary clothes - everything is ok. The aim of the action will not be to look like professional sports people - we need to look like civil society at the UN, who've taken on new ways of communicating to wake governments up! If you have any sports, clothes, you're of course also warmly welcome to wear that, but it's definitely not a requirement. 
Eurodad will bring sweatbands and some stuff to make it look nice, but it will all be things that you can easily put on top of your normal conference clothes. 
Will I get all sweaty? 
No, we'll get your warm, but not sweaty. As soon as we've shot the video, you'll be able to continue strait to the UN meeting. 
What if I think it's embarrassing? 
Well... firstly, it won't be embarrassing, because we'll be a big group and it will look great and be a lot of fun. 
But also, please remember that one thing which would be really embarrassing is if we'd all been for a whole week at a UN Financing for Development meeting in the middle of a new wave of devastating debt crises, without trying our very best to wake governments up! That would be embarrassing...
Will I need to be good at doing workout? Or learn some moves on beforehand? 
No, we'll take you through it step by step tomorrow, but it will be nice and simple. 
Will we be breaking the law or get in trouble with security? 
No. We won't be breaking any rules. 
Will I ever get a chance like this again?
Probably not, so better not miss it :)


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