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Stockholm Civil Society Week 2015

Stockholm Civil Society Week 2015
12-16 October 2015

Civil society plays a vital role in development; in enabling people to claim their rights, in promoting rights-based approaches, in shaping policies and in the provision of services. Yet, we experience a worrying trend towards shrinking space and resources for civil society, globally. In 2014, there were serious threats to civic freedoms in at least 96 countries around the world. Many civil society organizations (CSOs) have faced increased control and restrictions in relation to financial support as well as a growing tide of administrative requirements on the funding provided. At the same time as CSOs are under pressure, new civil society actors and protests emerge. New forms of organization have taken shape, and new partnerships are developed. Some are positive for democracy and inclusive, sustainable development – others are not. How do we understand these changes and how do we react to them? How can we reverse the trend of shrinking space, and how can we provide effective and efficient support to changing civil societies?

These crosscutting themes are addressed at Stockholm Civil Society Week 2015. Reality of Aid Africa Network will be represented at The Stockholm Civil Society Week 2015. There will be a series of events aimed at improving our understanding of and support to civil society. With hundreds of guests from CSOs, governments, academia and the private sector we hope to challenge you with different perspectives but also to link you across and within stakeholder groups. Stockholm Civil Society Week 2015 is an opportunity to learn from other practitioners and scholars and to join forces in support of civil society.

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