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Development cooperation for a new era: Making the renewed global partnership for sustainable development a reality

Development cooperation for a new era: Making the renewed global partnership for sustainable development a reality
DCF Uganda High-level Symposium Kampala, 4-6 November 2015
A new global agenda for sustainable development is on the horizon, and the role of development cooperation looms large.
Development cooperation will assume many dimensions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, to which all countries aspire.
The DCF Uganda High-level Symposium will discuss ways to motivate, support and further shape development cooperation as a critical 'means of implementation' in the post-2015 era.
The Symposium will focus on a number of specific issues:
• The key role of the private sector and other non-state actors, the role of blended financing, and how to assess and improve these efforts for achieving the SDGs assessing progress and results of development cooperation at country level, and how integrated, aligned and country-driven monitoring and reporting frameworks can work in practice follow-up and review of development cooperation at local level, including citizen-based monitoring role of development cooperation in promoting technology facilitation and capacity building, and ways to address gaps in technology, science and innovation for achieving sustainable development.
• The Symposium will also provide space for partners in South-South cooperation to share and discuss their development cooperation priorities, policies and practices towards the post-2015 development agenda, including in the area of infrastructure development.
Expected outcome
The DCF Uganda Symposium will present a first opportunity to discuss, under United Nations auspices, and with participation of all development cooperation actors, the implementation of the Financing for Development agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.
The Symposium will bring to the table key issues related to ownership of the new global agenda, which needs translation into strategies and action at national and local levels, with a distinctive role for development cooperation as part of the broader global partnership for sustainable development.
The deliberations will produce concrete policy guidance on development cooperation post-2015, to put into practice at international, regional, national and local level.
Findings of the Symposium will also be used to bring the views of the range of stakeholders to the deliberations in the 2016 Development Cooperation Forum in New York and beyond.

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