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Tuesday, 29 September 2015 00:00

CPDE Global Migrants/ Diaspora Meeting

CPDE Global Migrants/Diaspora Meeting

Concept Note

I. Background

The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) is an open, global platform uniting civil society Organisations (CSOs) around the issue of aid and development. The platform envisions a world where the core of inclusive and sustainable development is respect for human rights, democratic ownership and social justice. This vision is anchored on development effectiveness (DE), which speaks of the impacts of development initiatives for all, especially the poor and marginalized.

DE is embodied in the Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness and CSO Key Asks, which guide the platform’s campaign and advocacy.

The CPDE Founding Document, entitled “Building a CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness”, states that its primary outcome will be to endeavor to have broad and inclusive participation of a range of CSOs from around the world, making concerted efforts to ensure gender parity in representation, overcome language and cultural barriers, and include groups from new countries and sectors, including those that are most commonly discriminated against and excluded.

The paper acknowledges that working with
sector and major groups is essential to guaranteeing broader outreach of the work of the CSO Partnership, as well as to ensuring our work follows a rights-based approach to development. Labour, women’s, rural, faith-based and global Organisations have been active in the CSO Partnership’s precursors. Looking forward, the CSO Partnership needs to expand its constituency by reaching out to Organisations that represent youth, indigenous peoples and other ethnic monitories, people with disabilities, migrant populations, as well as human rights, and environmental Organisations.

Having approved the entry of new sectors into CPDE, the 2014 Global Council (GC) meeting in Mexico has instructed the Global Secretariat to reach out to migrants and people with disabilities (PWD).

The Coordination Committee (CC) Meeting in Incheon (2015) received the update that there is an expression of interest (EOI) from the International Migrants Alliance (IMA) to be part of CPDE as a result of the outreach work of the Global Secretariat. The CC deliberated and agreed that, since new constituencies impact on the structure and resources of the platform, there needs to be more clarity on the basis for such determination. Further, the CC instructed the Outreach Committee to discuss and come up with recommendations towards this end. The Outreach Committee deliberated on the EOI of IMA and the issue of migrants as a separate constituency in CPDE. 

The recommendations of the committee are: (1) to hold a Global Meeting with migrant/diaspora Organisations to discuss migration and development especially as it relates to CPDE’s development effectiveness agenda and

(2) To invite interested migrant/diaspora Organisations, including IMA to participate in CPDE activities. The idea is to clarify the agenda and to facilitate integration before formalization to the organization with the attendant structural, programmatic and financial implications.

II. Objectives

The over-all objective of this meeting is to gather migrant and diaspora organisations, and support institutions to develop CPDE’s analysis and position on migration/diaspora and development. The meeting will introduce the development effectiveness agenda to these organisations, discuss pertinent issues in development from the diaspora populations’ perspective and define how the migrants would be more effective in engaging the issue of development, including possible inclusion to the CPDE platform. This global consultation meeting is a step towards officially recognising the migrants/diaspora as a sector of the CPDE.

CPDE’s objective is to establish a migrants/diaspora sector within the platform, who will champion the rights and represent the interests and aspirations of the constituency within the platform and in all arenas that it engaged with. The global meeting of migrants/diaspora organisations and support institutions will be organised with the following objectives:

1. Initiate the discussions and consultations with migrants/diaspora organisations, and support institutions on the aid and development discourse.

2. Introduce the development effectiveness agenda and equip participants with the sufficient knowledge to translate this into their own agenda and educate their own constituencies.

3. Educate participants about the CPDE and provide a space to agree on a general migrants/diaspora agenda, structure and initial plans for engaging the platform.

The consultation meeting is scheduled to take place from 8 to 9 October, 2015, before the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Istanbul, Turkey.

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